Our Story

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Founded by a Singaporean husband and wife team who spent a combined 30 years in the advertising industry, this is the first of such a venture for this pair.

It started off as a joke between the two: griping about the lack of options for quality halal prime meat and wondering why you'd only find interesting cuts in restaurants or overseas and the words “let’s just quit our jobs and curate our dream collection ourselves” were uttered in jest. After all, wasn't it time to move on to the next challenge?

Renga (aka the Meat Man) was always passionate about his meats. He’d splurge on various cuts he could get his hands on (to the horrors of The Wife) and experiment different techniques of cooking (this part she didn’t mind so much, except if she had to clean up).

Sophina, on the other hand, was itching to get productive again. An irony when you find out that she’s already got her hands full caring for three young boys. She loves spending her "me time" in the kitchen so it was a no brainer when Renga called home to say “I just drove past a ‘For Rent’ sign nearby.” The rest, as they say, is history. #YOLO, right?

We hope to be a one-stop gourmet butchery providing the best curation of halal-certified prime meats from internationally-renowned farms that practice ethical farming methods.  






But what makes us good enough to call ourselves a proper gourmet butchery if we haven’t got the right experience?


For three reasons:


  1. We don’t pretend to be the experts. This humbling journey into unchartered territory means that we’re pushing ourselves to learn as much as we can, as we go along.

  2. We’re consumers too, and we only bring in things that we’d trust and allow for ourselves and our family. This is behind our drive to source or produce products that don't contain additives, fillers or preservatives like nitrate.   

  3. Because we’re not bound by ageing practices and expectations, we hope to turn the retail experience on its head and offer you more than just halal meats.


Today, we're thankful to have grown our team and attracted people with exceptional skills and will to learn, as well as made friends with chefs and homecooks who are more than happy to share their craft and knowledge.


We’re genuinely interested in learning from other meat lovers so we hope to roll out initiatives such as workshops to build a community of like-minded individuals to foster a robust exchange of knowledge. After all, cuisines know no boundary!

So... that’s our story. Meat you soon?