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Meet GRILLED, where quality meat meets grill power for those special occasions/when a regular barbecue doesn't quite cut it. Because life's too short for mediocre meats.

Grilled is a subsidiary of The Meatery born from the need to cater to corporate barbecue orders.

Brazilian BBQ


Grillmaster services

Add some heat to your gathering with some grill power. Our Grill Masters will handle the set up and grilling of ingredients to perfection. They are trained to handle most grills from electric to good ol' charcoal.



Our servers will carve up the freshly grilled meats for your guests so nobody has a lift a finger except for the pinky when you have to put on a show and eat your feast with grace. 


Complete menu that's inclusive to non-meat fans too.

The Meatery and friends come together to provide you with a full menu offering that will cater to every taste and preference. Yes, even Vegans!


Always Halal.

Being 100% Muslim-owned, we ensure that the meats and ingredients used are always halal-friendly for your Muslim guests.  

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Let's get in touch.

Thank you for your interest! We'll be in touch in the next 2 days.

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