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Maybe you love steak too much to ever turn vegan but how much do you really know about it?


Get up close and personal with this well-regarded protein in a knowledge sharing session designed to help you understand your personal preference when it comes to beef. We'll delve into some insights on various cuts of the beef and provide samplers for you to connect the dots with the new information acquired. We'll then cap off the evening with a meaty feast with a 'live' BBQ that's guaranteed to bring on the meat sweats.

We've been holding several of these sessions after hours since we were based in Sunset Way and we're continuing this in our new space for as long as there in the interest.

We'll be keeping it cosy with just up to 15 slots each month so we can have a lively exchange and bond over our love for beef.

The monthly workshop will be split into three segments.


Segment 1:

  • Basic introduction

    • Different breeds of beef easily available in Singapore

    • What to look out for when you purchase beef

    • General overview of the characteristics for the popular prime and secondary cuts from the anatomy and the relevant cooking technique

Segment 2:

  • Delving deeper into taste profiles

    • Insights into how different feeds will affect the profile of your steak: grass-fed vs grain-fed 

    • Insights into the different wagyu profiles and characteristics

    • Insights into profiles of prime cuts versus secondary cuts (eg hanger, inside skirt, rump) 

    • Dry-Aged beef 

Segment 3:

BBQ feast featuring some of the meats we will cover.

Private classes.

We also cater to requests for private classes if you can gather a group of 10-15 meat-loving friends.


Interested? Get in touch - drop us a mail here.

Not available on the workshop dates offered? We can put you on our wait list and notify you for the next one. Drop us a mail here.

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