Our Services


Whether it needs to be thinly sliced (e.g. yakiniku, shabu shabu), cubed, or minced, let us know so we can get our right tools on it. We're 100% Muslim-owned so you can be rest assured of our processing facilities. 


Help yourself to our complimentary marination service and custom your ideal rub, or pick from one of  the MSG- and preservative-free range from Anthony the Spice Maker.


Take the guesswork out of your cooking and take advantage of our sous-vide service. This will result in your desired preference of doneness every time and reduce your cooking time for thicker portions. All you need to do is to give it a quick sear on high heat and serve. Feel free to reach out over DM or WhatsApp if you need some guidance.

BBQ Packages: 

Every party is unique so it doesn't make sense to offer you packaged bundles that don't quite fit your guest list. 


Based on your group's size and preferences, we will recommend the right mix of halal meats (beef, lamb and organic chicken cuts) that are perfect for a barbeque with the option of marination, sous-vide and delivery for your convenience. 

Chat with us via a call or email to enquire about our custom BBQ packages, tailored for your specific group requirements.

Grill Masters for rent

Why busy yourself with the grilling when you can leave it to the expert? Book in three hour slots and let us help to start the fire and ensure perfectly grilled meats each time while you mingle with your guests.

Beef Appreciation Session and/or Private Dinners (after business hours) - currently suspended while Covid preventive measures are still in place:

Immerse yourself in the world of meats for an evening and deepen your knowledge with the various prime and secondary cuts and then cap off the evening with a sampler of prime meats freshly grilled before your very eyes. 


We offer a customisable experience to suit your group's needs or occasion. Contact us or send us an email here to find out more.