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Our Beef Appreciation Sessions have been on hold while Covid regulations were in place. We'll be restarting our monthly schedule very soon.

Maybe you love steak too much to ever turn vegan but how much do you really know about it? On the second Friday of every month, we'll hold a closed door Beef Appreciation Sesh for true meat lovers only.


Get up close and personal with this well-regarded protein in a knowledge sharing session designed to help you understand your personal preference when it comes to beef. We'll delve into some insights on various cuts of the beef and provide samplers for you to connect the dots with the new information acquired. We'll then cap off the evening with a hearty meat platter that'll satisfy any meat cravings.

We'll be keeping it cosy with just 8 slots each month so we can have a lively exchange and bond over our love for beef.

Our very own Meat Man, Renga, will be covering the following:


  • The basic introduction:

    • Anatomy of the cow

    • Different breeds of beef easily available in Singapore

  • Insights into how different feeds will affect the profile of your steak: grass-fed vs grain-fed 

  • Insights into the profiles of prime cuts (rib-eyes, tenderloin, sirloin) versus secondary cuts (eg hanger, flank, inside skirt, rump) and the recommended cooking technique 

  • Ageing 

  • Some insider watchouts when you purchasing beef cuts

  • Tips on cooking the best steak (temperature, cooking on the pan, cooking in the oven, reverse-sear)

Event details.

Watch this space for updates.

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