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Not just any steak.

When you're in the mood for steak, it should never just be any steak.


You might prefer something lean or well-marbled, or something in between. We aim to cater to all preferences by curating a wide selection of halal-certified prime meats sourced from the best farms in Argentina, Australia, New Zealand and the USA. Pick from something free-range, grain-fed, grass-fed or a combination. 

Nice to meat you.

We're a muslim-owned gourmet butchery with the widest curation of quality halal-certified prime meats. 


You won't find any pre-packaged steaks in our store. Why? Because you shouldn't have to make do with what you can find on a shelf. 


We only cut each piece with every order so we can inspect every meat to ensure its freshness and prepare it your way.

Gourmet-quality meals in the comforts of home.

Achieving a restaurant-quality meal doesn't need to be hard if you tap on our services like marination or sous-vide.

Think of us as your personal Sous Chef to help with the prep work so you can focus on the bigger picture.

Every hero

needs a Sidekick.

Complement the meat heroes with our range of artisanal condiments from the Beerenberg Farm, or serve up a hearty Asian meal with our selection of spice mixes from local artisans Anthony the Spice Makeand 
Batu Lesung Spice Company.

As much as we can, we try to #supportlocal artisans because we believe products born out of passion are just as good - if not better - than the bigger brands because they value quality over profit margins. 

Calling all

Captain Planets.

We know the meat industry's got a bad rep for it's environmental impact. While we can't change that (yet), we can commit to offering a green alternative wherever possible because we believe that no effort is too small.


We use not-plastic biodegradable bags and offer butcher's paper as a packaging option for walk-ins. We also offer sustainable products such as the biodegradable CasusGrill, compostable disposable plates, as well as plant-based cleaning products from local brand, Idocare

Our Story

The Meatery is the labour of love of Singaporean husband and wife team, Renga Vellasamy (aka Rafiq Abdullah) and Sophina SmithPrior to this, they spent a combined 30 years in the advertising industry. 

Their biggest gripe is that too often, a cheap cut is drowned in sauce to mask its lack of flavour and this somehow manages to pass off as good steak. It is their mission to make quality steak accessible to all by making it easy for anyone to create the ultimate steak experience at home. They hope to share their curation of prime cuts with the meat-loving community in Singapore through The Meatery.

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