Nice to meat you.

We're a muslim-owned gourmet butchery with the widest curation of halal-certified prime meats. We offer quality meats with islandwide delivery. 

Take your pick from our wide selection of halal meat cuts including brisket, flank, bone-in rib-eye, hanger steak, picanha, rib-eye, short ribs, sirloin, tenderloin, Tomahawk, and more. We also offer convenient solutions such as meat for stir-fries, stews, as well as preservative-free burger patties and sausages with absolutely no fillers. From time-to-time, we also have dry-aged cuts for your enjoyment.

Our Story

The Meatery is the labour of love of Singaporean husband and wife team, Renga Vellasamy (aka Rafiq Abdullah) and Sophina SmithPrior to this, they spent a combined 30 years in the advertising industry. 

Their biggest gripe is that too often, a cheap cut is drowned in sauce to mask its lack of flavour and this somehow manages to pass off as good steak. It is their mission to make quality steak accessible to all by making it easy for anyone to create the ultimate steak experience at home. They hope to share their curation of prime cuts with the meat-loving community in Singapore through The Meatery.

Closest Bustop (Block 109)

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