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Maybe you love meat too much to ever turn vegan but how much do you really know about it?


On the second Saturday of every month, we'll hold a closed door Beef Appreciation Sesh for true meat lovers only. Deepen your appreciation for beef in this highly interactive knowledge sharing session that comes with a healthy dose of insights and meat samplers and then cap off the evening with a hearty meat platter that'll satisfy any meat cravings.

We'll be keeping it cosy with just 8 slots each month so we can have a lively exchange and bond over our love for beef. 

Our very own Meat Man aka Renga will be sharing his knowledge on:


  • Anatomy of the cow

  • Different breeds of beef 

  • Grass-fed vs grain-fed vs aged with samplers

  • Profiles of prime cuts versus secondary cuts (eg hanger steak, flank steak, skirt steak, rump) and the recommended technique to cook them with samplers

  • How to cook the best steak

We’ll then end off the night with a Q&A session while you tear into a shared meat platter with two rustic sides prepared by our very own in-house chef. 


Event details:

Date: Second Saturday of every month, except the month of May

Time: 8.00pm – 10.30pm

Address: 41 Sunset Way, Clementi Arcade, #01-08, S597071

Ticket price: S$80 per seat



Participation Registration

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  • There is free parking available on premise. If there are no lots available, you may park along the road outside Freesia Woods condominium or the HDB block nearby at Clementi Street 14.

  • Do come with an empty stomach! Joey pants optional.

  • If you've got any food allergy you need us to take note of, do let us know. We sincerely hope it's not an allergy to beef though. 


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